Press Release

Dunkirk Mayor Wilfred Rosas would like to thank NYS Governor, Andrew Coumo for his support of the disaster relief activities facing the people of Puerto Rico.  As such, the Mayor is proud to announce that the City of Dunkirk has secured a Humanitarian donation of $314,675.98 in Medical Supplies.  It is through the initial collaboration between Dunkirk Special Events Chair-Hector Rosas in the Dunkirk Planning & Development Department and Tammy Will, an international philanthropist, working for Globus Relief, an international company in Utah, that a huge truckload of much needed Medical Supplies is heading to Puerto Rico via the partnership of the City of Dunkirk, NY and Globus Relief. 

This shipment contains (26) pallets of medical supplies each valued at over $12, 100; the entire Truckload of Medical Supplies is valued at $314,675.98.  This load has been secured and is being delivered by Agricultural Transport of Dunkirk, NY.  The shipping cost of over $50,000.00 has been waived thanks to the collaborative efforts of Dunkirk Mayor Wilfred Rosas, Sam Hoyt-Empire State Development and New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo and Staff.

Governor Cuomo has also assured us that these much needed Medical Supplies will be shipped and delivered to the Puerto Rico Government to be disbursed to Hospitals in Puerto Rico through collaboration with the US Army National Guard Armory in Buffalo, NY who will ship these essential Medical Supplies to PR.

Again, Mayor Rosas thanks Governor Andrew Cuomo, Sam Hoyt of Empire State Development, The US Army National Guard Armory, Tammy Will of Globus Relief, Agricultural Transport of Dunkirk, NY, Hector Rosas-Special Events Chair in the Dunkirk Planning & Development Department and all of those individuals who were involved in some way or another for working to secure this humanitarian donation of Medical Supplies worth $314,675.98.

At this time, the City of Dunkirk has stopped collecting donated goods here at the Dunkirk Warehouse.  Monetary donations continue to be collected in the Dunkirk Planning and Development Department through its Special Events Division. Hector Rosas informs us that they have already collected over $12,000.00 dollars in monetary donations to date to send to Puerto Rico.

Hector stated, “We have been working diligently here in the Planning & Development Department-Special Events Division following the directive order issued by Mayor Rosas to seek aid for the US territory and Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.  We want to thank Dunkirk Mayor Rosas and Buffalo Mayor Brown for working collaboratively with local WNY Organizations in the collection of donated goods, specifically Cas Rodriguez of The Hispanic Heritage Council of WNY, H.O.P.E.-Hispanics Organized for Progress and Education serving WNY, Agricultural Transport, Goya Trucking, Vidal Colon & Friends of Jamestown, NY, Hispanics United of Buffalo, Chito Olivencia-PRACA, Panorama Hispano News,  Hispanic Community Coalition and all of those involved with this great humanitarian effort in WNY in helping to aid our brothers and sisters of Puerto Rico during their time of need”.

Mayor Rosas also gave credit and special recognition to City Clerk Edwin Ramos for his unwavering energy and dedication, to the collection of food, water, and other necessary supplies and goods for the Puerto Rican donation efforts, the City of Dunkirk Fire Department, and all other City staff and all of the private citizens who are too many to name who came out to lend their help that took place over these past weeks at the location on Washington Avenue.

As Mayor I stand proud of our City of Dunkirk staff and residents in their help toward the relief effort for the people of Puerto Rico.

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