17 April 2019

Mayor Rosas sends message to Mayor of Dunkerque France

16 April 2019

Commencement of the LED Project by LED Energy Solutions under the leadership of Mayor Wilfred Rosas began today saving City of Dunkirk taxpayers $250,000 annually!

12 April 2019

Pier Improvements Project Groundbreaking Ceremony

11 April 2019

Dunkirk Mayor Wilfred Rosas together with ESD Asst Director-Mo Sumbundu announced the groundbreaking for the $1.7 Million Dollar Pier Renovations Project in Dunkirk, NY today with Development Director-Rebecca Yanus!

10 April 2019

Mayor Wilfred Rosas was present representing the City of Dunkirk at Buffalo State College to hear NY State’s Budget Presentation for 2019

Lt. Governor Hochul pictured with Mayor Rosas
Mayor Rosas discussing issues with other regional political leaders
10 April 2019

Central Ave. Water Line Break

Photo by DPW shows Streets worker Matt Przytula and Water Maintenance Class D operator Steve Zatorski at the 12-inch high-pressure water line break on the 100-block of Central Avenue. The 80-year-old cast iron pipe cracked early Wednesday and City crews quickly closed it off from both directions and will have the stainless steel repair clamp installed soon so line can be reactivated and road surface repaired.

DPW Director Woodbury and County Health Engineer Synder communicated to coordinate the leak repair, especially to keep water flowing out as the pipe was clamped. 

Although the break spewed more than 100,000 gallons, City elevated tanks contain 4 million gallons on pressurized reserve and the filter plant has another million gallons of finished water ready to pump and keep tanks full. Additionally, the North County Water District has more than 500,000 gallons of Dunkirk water in reserve elevated storage, and the Airport Industrial Park has another 400,000 gallons of elevated tank storage.

Mayor Rosas thanks City crews for their rapid and professional response to make the repair and to bring the City water system back to full function with minimized water loss. City water is sourced from Great Lake Erie and has all background materials filtered out with granular activated carbon. The Mayor also wishes to assure our many customers that these things happen but will always be quickly addressed to not impact water quality and capacity.

9 April 2019

The Mobile Mammography Coach will be located at Dunkirk Housing Authority on April 16, 2019 from 9:00AM-4:00PM

The Mobile Mammography Coach will be located at:

Dunkirk Housing Authority
13 N. Main Street
Dunkirk, NY 14048

DATE: Tuesday April 16, 2019

TIME: 9:00 AM-4:00 PM

Mammograms will be done by appointment only. Please call 716-632-7465, Option #3 to reserve your appointment time

If you are 40 or older and have never had a mammogram OR you are due for your annual mammogram please call 716-632-7465, Option #3 to reserve your appointment time

On the day of your appointment, please bring your insurance card, photo ID, and mammogram script

If you do not have a prescription we will have a nurse practitioner on site performing clinical breast exams prior to your mammogram appointment, she will be able to provide a prescription as long as it is a screening mammogram and you have not had a previous mammogram within a year

If you do not have insurance coverage, please contact Cancer Services Program Chautauqua County 866-442-CANCER (2262). They will pre-register you and let you know in advance if they will provide payment coverage the day of the mammogram.

5 April 2019

City of Dunkirk Announces Commencement of the Pier & Harborfront Improvement Project

Mayor Wilfred Rosas is thrilled to announce the commencement of the City Pier & Harborfront Improvement Project.  “This project is one that has gone through many revisions in order to comply with the various concerns of our residents, businesses and fishermen.  But I believe the final result will be well worth the time it has taken to get us to this point.”  Mayor Rosas stated.

The Mayor stated, “We are extremely excited to see this project break ground. We want to thank the community for all of the input we have received during our design process. These improvements are not only going to provide additional amenities and aesthetics for our residents, but will also improve the safety and maneuverability at the Pier and Harbor front. I am asking for the community’s patience over the next few months of construction. While I too am anxious to get back out on the Pier and enjoy our waterfront, I know the finished product will be worth the wait!”

The construction on the Pier will begin on Monday, April 8th and will be closed to pedestrians and vehicle traffic until August 10th of 2019.  Additional information on the closure, and project timeline for the Pier & Harbor front Improvement Project, will be available on the City’s website as the project progresses. Starting on Monday the City’s contractor, NOVA will be placing fencing and cones in the construction area and Pier access will be restricted to construction personnel.

All boat launch and Marina activities will remain open for the entire construction period. If there is need to dock along the Pier, residents are asked to please contact Holiday Harbor to make arrangements within their docks.

Mayor Rosas will be holding a Pier Project ground-breaking ceremony on Thursday, April 11th at 12:30 pm.  “I am inviting all of our residents to join me and my team as we begin this new phase of development for our water front, and I am inviting the entire community to this exciting event.” The Mayor stated.

2 April 2019

1 April 2019

Message from Mayor Rosas

City of Dunkirk, Mayor Wilfred Rosas said, “Once again, Governor Cuomo is looking out for the middle class families. His continued efforts to hold spending growth at a 2% level, keep the 2% property tax cap on municipalities and fund capital plans for business districts will ensure the overall economic growth for the City of Dunkirk and all of western New York. The Governor has also looked ahead to 2020 and has made a commitment to continue much needed infrastructure projects throughout western New York and the City of Dunkirk has been a beneficiary of his commitment in this area. It was through the Bridge New York funds that we were able to reconstruct the Howard Street Bridge here in Dunkirk providing the residents of that area with fire protection for the first time in over ten years. I am very pleased with the Governor’s concerns and promise toward continuing this type of infrastructure funding. As the Mayor of a city on the brink of economic recovery, I applaud Governor Cuomo for his dedication and determination in looking out for all New Yorkers not just for today, but for our future.”