Message from Mayor Rosas

City of Dunkirk, Mayor Wilfred Rosas said, “Once again, Governor Cuomo is looking out for the middle class families. His continued efforts to hold spending growth at a 2% level, keep the 2% property tax cap on municipalities and fund capital plans for business districts will ensure the overall economic growth for the City of Dunkirk and all of western New York. The Governor has also looked ahead to 2020 and has made a commitment to continue much needed infrastructure projects throughout western New York and the City of Dunkirk has been a beneficiary of his commitment in this area. It was through the Bridge New York funds that we were able to reconstruct the Howard Street Bridge here in Dunkirk providing the residents of that area with fire protection for the first time in over ten years. I am very pleased with the Governor’s concerns and promise toward continuing this type of infrastructure funding. As the Mayor of a city on the brink of economic recovery, I applaud Governor Cuomo for his dedication and determination in looking out for all New Yorkers not just for today, but for our future.”

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