Mayor Rosas recognizes Black History Month

We are at the end of February, a month recognized as Black History Month in the United States and one in which we are joined together to celebrate the achievements and recognize the struggles of black Americans.

Recognizing those who have survived the many difficulties that our African Americans have endured should be something that each of us is willing to do.  Black History Month is an integral part of the history of the country of which we are a part – it is a part of our history and is woven into the fabric of this great nation we call America!

Harriett Tubman, an abolitionist and a true believer of freedom, spent years and survived great danger as she led slaves out of their bondage and through the woods to freedom.  And there are many more like her.  Individuals such as Frederic Douglass, Nat Turner, Rosa Parks and Jackie Robinson, the first African American to play major league baseball each suffered atrocities and hardships in order to achieve the freedoms today’s African Americans enjoy.

Last month we celebrated the birthday and life of Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr.  While Dr. King fought and died for freedoms and justice, his legacy lives on and he will remain the face and voice of what true freedom means.

Let us close this month of February by remembering those great heroes who have lived among us, one of whom was Janice Slaton a local attorney and someone who cared deeply about this community.  Janice was a role model for every young woman, black and white.  She believed in putting her best foot forward every day, treating others the way in which she wanted to be treated, and never forgetting those who had helped to pave the way for her own success.

This City has been, and continues to be, one in which each of us can be proud to live work, and raise our families.  May we never forget to celebrate Black History month here in the City of Dunkirk. 

President Barak Obama was once quoted as saying, “…Down through the decades, African American culture has profoundly shaped American culture — in music and art, literature and sports…”

Please join me in recognizing and celebrating this great heritage.

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