Mayor Rosas expresses gratitude for boat race

“There are not enough words of gratitude to express the appreciation that I feel for last weekend’s Great Lakes Offshore Grand Prix 2018 Power Boat Race and the many residents and visitors who attended,” Dunkirk Mayor Willie Rosas said.

The Race World Offshore Grand Prix Racing event that took place off the shores of Lake Erie was streamed live to 105 different countries. This event was something that many in this area have never witnessed before.

“This was a once-in-a-lifetime spectacular event,” Mayor Rosas said. “And I want to personally thank the many individuals, sponsors and volunteers who made this weekend happen.”

When asked how this event came to be, Mayor Rosas said, “We knew the air show wasn’t returning to Dunkirk this year, so I challenged our Special Events and Festivals Coordinator Hector Rosas, to bring a big boat race to our lake shore, and he came through. He did the research and contacted Race World; once Race World said they were on board, the work really started. Sponsors were needed and Hector and his team did an outstanding job bringing in corporate sponsors as well as many of our local businesses. Through meetings and brainstorming sessions, we came up with creative ideas for bringing in funds such as banners to be placed along Central Avenue. Once again, Hector made it happen. And this past weekend was the final result.

“Special recognition and thanks must also go out to our DPW Director Randy Woodbury, and his staff,” Rosas continued. “We had our Streets Supervisor Mike Porpiglia and Parks Supervisor Russell Tenamore driving the Gators, running errands, and the other DPW employees were on hand to do whatever was needed,” Mayor Rosas said.

Mayor Rosas went on to thank everyone involved, “Police Chief Ortolano was out there directing traffic, and all members of the City’s Police Force were interacting with the residents and visitors on the pier, the beaches, Lake Front Boulevard and anywhere and everywhere people were gathering. Our Fire Chief Mike Edwards and the EMT’s, firefighters were just as visible with trucks and equipment ready should there be an emergency. I can’t say enough about how proud I am of these two city chiefs and their departments, they are just the best. People felt safe and welcome seeing our police and fire men and women mingling among them,” Mayor Rosas said.

Mayor Rosas also commended members of his team who volunteered their time to ensure that what needed to be done was done.

“I must also thank Councilman Marty Bamonto and Councilman Mike Civiletto who were on hand to provide directions and assistance wherever needed, and especially for their help in working with the racing teams,” he said.

The boat owners, drivers, CBS Sports and everyone involved was excited and comments such as, “This is the greatest venue we have seen on any of the Great Lakes” and “We’re coming back” were heard throughout the weekend.

Many of our local and county elected officials were on hand to share the experience on the waterfront. Special thanks go to County Executive George Borrello, Jamestown Mayor Sam Teresi, and several of the county legislators who were also in attendance. The area had many sponsors representatives on hand as well, to include Dan Reininga, President & CEO Lake Shore Bancorp, Mark and Kurt Maytum and the Maytum Family from DFT Communications, and Athenex Vice President Teresa Bair.

Mayor Rosas said, “This weekend would not have been the success that it was without each of the individuals working together with the Special Events Coordinator, Hector Rosas and his team to include Brayden Manzella, Robert Rosas and of course our Dunkirk Access crew, Gabe Taylor and Lee Woodard. This weekend was all about the community, and I’m ready to do it again. Bring it on.”

Special Events & Festivals Coordinator Hector Rosas and Development Director Rebecca Yanus have already submitted a draft proposal to the “I Love New York” campaign for next summer.

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