Mayor Rosas announces a monthly informational piece called Code Corner

Code Corner will include an educational section that explains different code requirements as told by our City’s Code Enforcement Officers. Mayor Rosas states, “I hope that this literature will help educate our residents on the City’s Building and Zoning Codes, as well as help maintain and enhance our City’s neighborhoods. It is important that our residents understand that zoning requirements help determine how one can use the land and what type of structures can be built on it, while building requirements define standards that all structures must meet to ensure the community’s safety.” 

#1: Identify Building Numbers

Address identification and building numbers are essential to locating homes and businesses.  Whether in a city, town or village, properly identified buildings help avoid confusion and make finding specific buildings as easy as possible.  They are used by US Postal Service for mail delivery as well as other various delivery services, but more importantly, they are vital to emergency services personnel such as police, fire and ambulance services.  In New York State as well as the City of Dunkirk, the display of building numbers is also the law.  

According to the Fire Code of New York State, these rules apply to new and existing buildings.   The address identification, or building numbers, must be at least 4 inches high and ½ inch thick.  To ensure they may be seen from the street, they must be legible and installed in a conspicuous location on the building.  They must be a different color than their background, so they are easily seen rather than blending in.  They must either be Arabic numbers or alphabetical letters and the numbers must not be spelled out.    

For the safety and convenience of your family, tenants, employees, customers or visitors, please take the time to ensure that your buildings are properly identified.  The few seconds or minutes saved by emergency personnel by having properly identified buildings, could save a life.  The City of Dunkirk Housing, Building and Zoning Office is responsible for ensuring compliance with these regulations and our personnel are available to answer questions pertaining to the address identification requirements.  To contact the Housing, Building and Zoning Office, call (716) 366-9858 or email

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