The City of Dunkirk’s Planning and Development Department has been working with Revitalize Dunkirk since the spring of 2017, and the grant proposal that was submitted in April 2018 has been awarded in the amount of $49,500 from the New York Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC).  This grant will provide funding for the City to conduct a city-wide inventory of public trees and to create a community forestry management plan. Grant funds come from the DEC’s Urban and Community Forestry Grant’s Program, a highly competitive source of funding.

“We are excited that our Planning and Development Department has secured yet another grant to improve the lives of Dunkirk residents, and appreciate the support that the NYSDEC is providing to us.  Once again, it is through their many months of dedication and effort that the city’s residents and visitors will be the benefactors of their hard work.” Mayor Rosas said.  “I must also, once again, give special thanks and my personal appreciation to Governor Cuomo and his team for their assistance and support.”

The Mayor added, “The importance of trees to our community cannot be overstated. They provide economic benefits, lower energy bills, improve air quality, reduce flooding, and add beauty and character to our neighborhoods. It is essential that we continue to care for our trees, and this grant will allow us to make informed decisions to do so effectively.”

Development Department staff will be partnering with Revitalize Dunkirk on the project. The inventory will map the location, species, and condition of every street tree and all other trees on City-owned land. The City will hire a certified arborist to conduct the inventory, which will take place during the spring and summer of 2019.  Once the inventory is complete, the tree professional will then draft a community forestry management plan based on the information gathered. This plan will serve as the foundation for the future care of Dunkirk’s public trees.

Development Department staff and Revitalize Dunkirk hope to engage the community throughout the project. They will be hosting public information sessions before and after the inventory takes place, and after a draft of the management plan has been created.

For more information, please contact Community Development Planner Matthew Bourke at or 716-366-9878.

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