Clerk’s Office Bulletin Board:


City Clerk

The Office of the City Clerk assists the taxpayers and residents of the City of Dunkirk by providing a variety of diverse services. These services include: processing birth, death and marriage certificates; licensing of taxi drivers, electrician license; issuing dog licenses; issuing hunting licenses; providing access to public records; and, all bidding and contract processing on goods, products and services purchased by the City of Dunkirk.

The City Clerk is also Clerk to the Common Council. It is the Clerk’s responsibility, in cooperation with the City Attorney, to prepare two Council meeting agendas per month and to distribute all materials to Common Council Members. The Clerk attends all Common Council meetings and is responsible for calling the roll, recording all votes. The Clerk keeps the names of all speakers at the Public Comment Period and at Public Hearings.

The Clerk prepares and advertises notices on all committee meetings and public hearings, and prepares the minutes of the Common Council meetings. All minutes of the Common Council are available on this website. A hardcopy version can be reviewed in the Office of the City Clerk.

In addition to the minutes, the Clerk prepares certifications on all Ordinances, Local Laws, and Resolutions passed by the Common Council that need signatures by the Mayor and the Clerk. Also, the Clerk of the Common Council files legal documents with the state.

The Clerk performs miscellaneous tasks for individual members, and provides staff assistance scheduling and communicating processes for Council appointments and other special activities. The Clerk receives and distributes U.S. Mail and inter-departmental mail for Council Members. It is the Clerk’s responsibility to prepare the official calendar and brochure detailing the Common Council schedule, meeting dates and committee activities. In addition, the Clerk oversees the Common Council Chamber scheduling and arranges for use of facilities for constituent meetings, committee meetings and other activities.

Standard Work Day and Reporting-NYS Comptroller RS 2417-A

2016 Standard Work Day and Reporting Resolution

2019 Standard Work Day and Reporting Resolution