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January 3, 2016-City announces sidewalk replacement program

The City of Dunkirk’s web pages contain information on various aspects of City government and the wonderful City of Dunkirk. Over the upcoming weeks you will see this welcome page evolve from its current form into an interactive page featuring polls, news and other information pertinent to City affairs.

It is our hope that this website evolves into a vital source of information for citizens and an effective medium for receiving feedback from concerned stakeholders.

For those visitors to this website that are not familiar with Dunkirk, it is a community of hardworking, caring people who are proud of their heritage and the City’s history. You will find that Dunkirk has a great deal to offer. Our recreational facilities are unsurpassed throughout Western New York for a municipality of our size. Our housing stock is plentiful and diverse, offering everything from historically renovated homes to a modern apartment or a lake front lifestyle.

Whether you call Dunkirk home, are visiting for the first time, or you are just getting reacquainted with her, I hope that you and your family enjoy this wonderful City and all that it has to offer. This site is designed to be both informative and helpful and I hope you will find it as such.

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